Rockhill British School​

Our Aim

The aim of Rockhill British International school is  to provide a safe, homely, secure, stimulating environment, which embraces Children.

  • To value all children as individuals and appreciate their uniqueness.
  • To support the learning and Development of each individual child by providing a balanced, broad, stimulating and Differentiated Curriculum.

To achieve this we work in partnership with parents careers and children as a multidisciplinary team. We want to provide a secure learning environment, which enables children to:

  • Be God-fearing
  • Be global citizens, humorous and adaptable, capable of attaining full spatial, physical and mental potential.
  • Be Respectful of themselves and others.
  • Be Curious, eloquent, creative and innovative.
  • Possess self-esteem and integrity, selfless and self fulfilled
  • Be Independent and inter-dependent.
  • Be Compassionate and caring.
  • Be Tolerant and patient.
  • Possess relevant 21st century skills like digital age literacy, inventive thinking, social and personal skills and be result oriented.
  • Be Empathetic and intellectually competent
  • Understand and appreciate the African culture
  • We endeavor to ensure that all staff receives appropriate training and maintain high levels of The school aims to adhere to all codes of standards and practices laid down by all   Child  Care Acts.

A Visit to CBN Asaba, Delta State